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Best & Affordable Neighbourhood Hair Salons & Haircut In Singapore

What we love the most about Walking On Sunshine is their one-of-a-kind concept of integrating beauty and dining. Aside from being the biggest and most Instagrammable salon on the whole island, Leekaja has been praised by almost 3,000 positive reviews on Google because of its excellent service and accommodating staff. Another thing that makes Leekaja stand out is that the salon gives off a warm, cosy vibe because of its rustic interior and mellow atmosphere. Plus, they have an in-house beverage bar for clients’ refreshments where they offer delicious complimentary bread and fresh juices for any service. Caucasians in Singapore will also be pleased to know that the salon has a team of Caucasian Hair Specialists that particularise in colouring Caucasian hair, a feat, not many Asian salons can claim. A good salon would also have stylists who are qualified and ready to meet your needs. The Best Hair Salon Group, Now With Flowers Is Open At Bugis Junction The stylists also give hair tips f